Abnormal uterine bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a term which refers to menstrual bleeding of abnormal quantity, duration, or schedule.  It is a common gynaecologic complaint, accounting for one-third of outpatient visits to a gynaecologist.  In the first instance, you should present to your local doctor who will obtain a history from you, do a pelvic examination, perform a pap smear if warranted, and organise for further investigations (usually in the form of a blood test and medical imaging such as a pelvic ultrasound).  A pregnancy test would also be required.  Following that, your doctor may opt to refer you to us, and we can look after you from here.

Heavy periods refer to an increase in the flow or length of your menstrual period and it is what you perceive as abnormal.

You may also complain of bleeding in-between your cycles or after intercourse.  Both of these conditions are abnormal and require medical attention.
The most common cause of abnormal uterine bleeding is the shift between ovulatory cycles and anovulatory cycles; simply meaning that the ovaries may not be producing eggs (ovulating) as regularly as they were.

You may have other causes that may need further investigation and management: Fibroids (benign growths in your uterus), Adenomyosis (the presence of endometrial tissue within the muscle layer of the uterus), endometrial polyps which may be benign or malignant, and worst case scenario a cancer. Fibroids and Adenomyosis can also cause symptoms of pressure-like discomfort and pelvic pain.

We will counsel you through your options which would include sampling the lining of your uterus to exclude a cancer, and combining this with either medical, or minimally invasive surgical treatments.  We can offer endometrial ablations, Mirena® IUD insertions, and hysterectomies.  Depending on your clinical situation, we will aim to perform a hysterectomy laparoscopically (‘key hole’) as it provides a good recovery time.

If you have any further questions, we will answer them fully at your consultation.
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