Heartburn in pregnancy

Heartburn or acid reflux is when your stomach acid content goes into the tube connecting your mouth to the stomach; this tube is called the oesophagus. Acid reflux is common in pregnancy and can be quite debilitating. Acid reflux can also be associated with dry and burning mouth, nausea/vomiting, cough, and trouble swallowing. Sometimes you can get stomach pains.

The best ways to manage this is with small frequent meals (typically 5-6 per day). Avoid foods that will bring on the heartburn such as coffee, tea and chocolate. Don’t eat 2-3 hours prior to sleeping. Avoid lying on your back after a meal, have a few pillows to prop you up.

If these steps do not soothe your symptoms, please visit your GP or come see us at Sunnybank Centre for Women and we can prescribe safe medications that can help with your heartburn. We would also make sure there aren’t any other causes to your heartburn.
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