Infertility is a unique medical condition because it involves a couple, rather than an individual. It is an area of gynaecology that can be very emotionally charged, and put relationships under strain.

Infertility is generally defined as failure of a couple to conceive after 12 months of regular intercourse without use of contraception. For women who are 35 years and older, initial workup for infertility is usually recommended after 6 month of trying to conceive without success. 

At Sunnybank Centre for Women, we encourage both partners to present for the appointment as infertility can be associated with male factors, female factors, or a combination of both. We would then organize for the necessary tests in order to determine the appropriate treatment for you. The following tests are performed:
  • Semen Analysis to assess the partner's semen (volume, sperm concentration, total number, morphology, and motility of the sperm) 
  • Menstrual history and assessment of ovulation
  • Imaging to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes
  • Female Hormone Levels
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Laparoscopy (in certain cases when Endometriosis is suspected)
  • Assessment of ovarian reserve with an Anti Mullerian Hormone level (Blood test) or ultrasound scan looking at follicular count in the ovary
The treatment is aimed at correcting any reversible causes and treament is tailored to the couple's needs. We realize that every couple has an aspiration to achieving a successful pregnancy. At Sunnybank Centre for Women, we will help you through the investigations and management of your cause for infertility with great care and sensitivity. Dr Joseph Jabbour is a Fertility Specialist with Monash IVF and can provide specialized care including IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (Invitro Fertilization). 
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